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US-2430080-A: Machine for testing and assorting articles according to electrical characteristics patent, US-2437449-A: Reflex thermal electric meter patent, US-2440018-A: Electric room heater patent, US-2460722-A: Fastener patent, US-2463494-A: Damper control patent, US-2471822-A: Current control apparatus patent, US-2472738-A: Terminal block patent, US-2473902-A: Unit for hanging and protecting a garment patent, US-2478262-A: Dampening roller cover patent, US-2479034-A: Thermostatic valve patent, US-2481546-A: Projectile launcher patent, US-2485621-A: Washing machine patent, US-2488480-A: Telescopic antenna patent, US-2488796-A: Scuttle frame and closure unit patent, US-2498762-A: Sole fitting machine patent, US-2514162-A: Diversity reception patent, US-2521088-A: Shipping container and method of transporting vehicles patent, US-2524419-A: Apparatus and method for utilizing vacuum in molding plastic material, such as concrete patent, US-2527005-A: Self-closing filling device for liquid fuel containers patent, US-2538437-A: Railway sleeper patent, US-2547512-A: Cashbox patent, US-2548653-A: Ceiling painter patent, US-2549435-A: Processes for breaking petroleum emulsions patent, US-2550755-A: Toll switching telephone system patent, US-2551433-A: Educational apparatus for teaching obstetrics and midwifery patent, US-2555572-A: Phonograph record container and dispenser patent, US-2556686-A: Method of drying hardwood patent, US-2566511-A: Measuring device for bowling balls patent, US-2589205-A: 1-benzylpiperidine compounds patent, US-2590459-A: Maximum demand meter patent, US-2590680-A: Apparatus for liquid level controls patent, US-2591874-A: Bubble-forming writing instrument patent, US-2591994-A: Process of brazing thin brass members patent, US-2595621-A: Centrifugal switch patent, US-2596183-A: Method for increasing the volume of shredded tobacco patent, US-2596835-A: Snap-on line guide for fishing poles patent, US-2597854-A: Automatic transmission patent, US-2598575-A: Venetian blind patent, US-2604038-A: Apparatus for imprinting designs on building boards patent, US-2606707-A: Apparatus for removing caps from jars patent, US-2628935-A: Electrolytic production of chlorates patent, US-2658153-A: Prime mover starting and shutdown system patent, US-2660162-A: Flue section for providing balanced draft patent, US-2685095-A: Pipe threading apparatus patent, US-2687911-A: Keeper mechanism patent, US-2707234-A: Tuning fork oscillators patent, US-2711359-A: Bleaching plant and method of bleaching cellulose pulp patent, US-2711551-A: Broom or sweeper attachment for tractors patent, US-2714325-A: Copying turner's lathe patent, US-2723115-A: Automatic window closer patent, US-2723332-A: Electrode holder patent, US-2750374-A: Production of casein-lactalbumin coprecipitate patent, US-2761345-A: Action frame for piano patent, US-2777137-A: Closet bowl ventilator patent, US-2810577-A: Combined seesaw and roundabout patent, US-2812698-A: Camera patent, US-2817731-A: Time delay control device patent, US-2847066-A: Time operated fish feeding device patent, US-2849666-A: Tensioned dielectric variable condenser patent, US-2852188-A: Integrator for conveyor scale patent, US-2854784-A: Hanger for telephone directories patent, US-2859588-A: Flame holder structure for ram jet combustor patent, US-2874540-A: Drive unit patent, US-2882947-A: Plastic container patent, US-2895669-A: Mechanical treatment of drilling muds patent, US-2899025-A: Vehicle parking brake patent, US-2915825-A: Tailor's marking and measuring guage patent, US-2924118-A: Accelerator throttling latch patent, US-2924841-A: Sanitary disposable dust pan patent, US-2970602-A: Positive pressure demand regulator patent, US-2970905-A: Method of making a composite sintered powdered material article patent, US-3021317-A: Polymerization of cyclic esters patent, US-3030656-A: Door mounting patent, US-3030834-A: Feed mechanism patent, US-3038984-A: Retreading system patent, US-3043365-A: Adhesive transfer machine patent, US-3052613-A: Method and apparatus for conducting a nuclear chain reaction patent, US-3061490-A: Laminated safety glass patent, US-3068826-A: Wire feed for soldering iron patent, US-3071759-A: Variable frequency telemetering apparatus patent, US-3077898-A: Fluid relief valve patent, US-3079675-A: Inverted plug type valve patent, US-3079759-A: Separation of gaseous mixtures patent, US-3083886-A: Beverage carton carrier patent, US-3091698-A: Photosensitive light amplifier and regenerative element patent, US-3092543-A: Allyl phthalate pesticidal compositions patent, US-3097339-A: Individually triggered pulse generators feeding a buffer adder to produce particular output waveforms patent, US-3101784-A: Rotary wash screen setting combination and rotary washing tool therefor patent, US-3115687-A: Eyeglasses holder for pockets patent, US-3137167-A: Liquid flow meter patent, US-3145456-A: Method of manufacturing finned structure patent, US-3145600-A: Tandem lathe tools that adjust the thickness of the chip by rotating patent, US-3166885-A: Production of composite stretch yarns patent, US-3167186-A: Rotary shelf mounting patent, US-3171409-A: Orthopedic belt patent, US-3195790-A: Captive cap for collapsible tube patent, US-3199838-A: Apparatus for resizing upholstery cushion casings patent, US-3218965-A: Pressure control means for print hammers patent, US-3227117-A: Pressure applicator for flowable material patent, US-3232848-A: Purification of alcohols patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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